The Future of Comics.
We believe massive world wide franchises will start on mobile.

The next ‘Game of Thrones’ or ‘Harry Potter’ will come from Macroverse.
— Eben Matthews, Co-Founder



Macroverse Reinvents Comics

Digital. Mobile. Universal. The Future of Storytelling.


Mobile First

Digital storytelling explosion

Easy, world wide access

Direct audience engagement

Central hub for fan interaction


Creator Focused

Unique storytelling format

Direct monetization

Opportunity for media expansion

Start or extend franchises


The ‘Tap Story’ Format

Control pacing, dialogue and story flow like never before. Every tap is a “page turn”.

Tell stories in a unique cinematic format

Land a joke, deliver a jump scare, create expanded dialogue and more

Stay true to the heart and soul of sequential art

Take advantage of non-linear, digital delivery


An Innovative Digital Experience

Macroverse combines the best of the comics and graphic novel art form with a modern approach to content creation, distribution and ease of use.

Direct linking into each series for seamless promotion and marketing

Start reading on one device. Continue on another

Share series and episodes around the web

Promote related content, merchandise and more from a dedicated “News Feed” attached to each series

Net Subscription Revenue

Your Piece of the Pie

A transparent fair share of the future.

50% of Net Subscription Revenue goes into the Macroverse “Creator Pool”

Creators earn a percentage of the Pool based on what percentage of readership their series’ gets on Macroverse

30% Readership = 30% of the Pool


Multi-Format Franchise Building

The perfect place to start your story, expand your mythology and build/engage your audience.

Launch on Macroverse and engage your audience

Expand to other formats, platforms and media

Connect storylines and fans in one central “Hub”


Master Your Destiny

Macroverse vs. Print


Creating on Macroverse provides direct access to your audience.

Remove gate keepers

Eliminate expenses

Control your message and monetization


Make Stuff With Us…

Got a great idea for a new series? Want to adapt your existing series?
Building the next mega-franchise?


 The Future of Comic Books

…pulls no punches and cinematically revolutionizes the way we indulge in graphic novels.

…the future of the graphic novel. The story progresses in a dynamic process which is both natural and powerful.

Wasn’t sure I’d enjoy reading a graphic novel this way - but the app works seamlessly and really draws you in. Well done.

This is one time where an e-book is hands down better than the one on paper.

— User reviews